Water Meter FAQ

  • How is my meter read?

    The method by which the water meter is read varies depending on your location, the age of the meter, and the type of meter. The latest technologies allow us to read meters via radio frequency which can be done by walking or driving by the structure. We are moving towards reading via tower collection in some areas as well. However, there are still meters that are read from devices outside the structure that are either viewed or touched to obtain the reading. There are also meters that do not have a reading device at all. These meters are read by viewing and recording the reading from the meter's register.


  • How many gallons are in a cubic foot?

    There are 7.48 gallons in one cubic foot.

  • What are the benefits of radio frequency reading?

    It allows us to provide the best service possible—getting readings on a timely basis that are as accurate as possible.

  • What is a CCF?

    A CCF is an abbreviation for 100 Cubic Feet, which equals 748 gallons.

  • What is a shut-off valve?

    It is your property’s valve that turns water on or off.

  • Where can I find my water meter?

    If your water meter is located indoors, it is commonly found in a basement, crawl space, or utility closet. Typically, indoor meters are located where the water line enters the structure. Your meter may also be located outside, in an underground “meter pit.”

  • Where is my shut-off valve?

    The shut-off valve for the home/structure is typically located on the water line just after it enters the building. The exact location may vary since this is your private plumbing valve.

  • Why do you need to install a radio device on my meter?

    A radio device allows the company to read your water meter remotely. It is an efficient way to read our meters and provide you with an accurate bill based on the actual meter reading.