Customer Rights

Everything we do at Veolia is with the purpose of building a better customer experience. We strive to provide exemplary service and to treat fellow members of our communities with dignity and respect each and every day.

As such your rights as a Veolia customer are protected by the agency that regulates utility businesses in your state. These rights typically include the right to water that meets federal and state quality regulations,reasonably priced deposits, continued service while a disputed charge is before the regulatory agency (provided undisputed charges are paid) as well as prompt and courteous service.

Billing & Service Inquires

Veolia aims to resolve all of your inquiries in a consistent and professional manner. If you ever experience a problem with our service, we want to hear from you. When contacting us, please provide your name, service address, phone number and account number. A customer service representative will try to resolve your problem quickly and fairly.

For more information on how we can help you address any complaints you may have click here.