Detecting Leaks

to help customers combat leaks, veolia plans to install 450,000 smart meters over the next five years. a smart meter records water consumption data in real-time, allowing more precise information on usage, as well as better detection of leaks.
Detecting Leaks

Whether inside or outside your home,  a leak can waste hundreds of gallons of water each year. Any leak, big or small, costs you money and should be repaired as soon as possible. 

- If your bill is higher than normal 

- If you see water running outside

- If you notice a puddle in your yard

You might have a leak on your property! 

If you believe you have a leak, reach out to us and we will conduct a free leak assessment. You can reach us by contacting us at:
[email protected]
(800) 422-5987

Possible customer leaks can include:

- Leaking interior plumbing such as faucets, toilets, etc.

- A hole or leak underground in your outdoor irrigation system

- A hose bib not closing completely (where you connect a hose to the valve off your building)

- Failure in your underground service line, from the meter box to your building

Veolia is responsible for the water mains that run in the street, to the meter on your property. Meters are routinely found underground in circular pits on your property.  

Customers are responsible for the service line that runs from the meter pit to the building. 

Always contact Veolia with any questions, we are happy to investigate and answer your questions.