Employee Engagement

Helping Our Employees Help Others

We’re very proud of our employees who have taken it upon themselves to dedicate their time and energy toward important causes. Learn more about their altruistic efforts, which range from helping to recruit and build relationships with millennials to building water systems in developing countries.

Generation Lynk

Our millennial employees created a new business resource group in 2013 to give a voice to the younger generation and provide opportunities to collaborate across all age groups. Generation Lynk helps employees gain critical business and leadership skills, identify trends and resources and strengthen relationships with local communities. In 2014, Generation Lynk helped identify future talent by participating in events such as the Bergen Community College STEM Day, Columbia University Society of Women Engineers, Engineering Exploration Experience and the Bergen County Technical High School College Fair. In addition, the group helped raise funds for local communities through such teambuilding activities as the first “Kickin’ it for a Cause” kickball tournament

United Veterans Network

The United Veterans Network (UVN) is a business resource group established in 2012 to provide opportunities for veterans. UVN encourages individuals to recognize the value of military experience and training as well as support veterans’ causes in local communities. In 2014, this business resource group worked closely with human resources staff to help recruit and advance veterans by matching military specialties with water industry jobs and participating in job fairs such as “Hire a Hero.”


Aquassistance is an NGO supported by Veolia North America that provides on-site or remote assistance to populations in need, via water, waste and sanitation projects. In 2013 and 2014, three Veolia engineers spent their vacation time in Milot, Haiti to investigate the water supply and treatment.

After identifying issues with the town water distribution system, and specifically the hospital water supply and wastewater disposal, they were able to make improvements to significantly improve water quality and sanitation.

Employee Engagement Survey

Veolia promotes increased participation of employees through the Employee Engagement survey conducted every 18 months. In 2014, we launched a new survey in which a random selection of employees provided feedback on changes resulting from the last engagement survey and measure progress. Overall, 50% of our employees received an invitation to participate in the survey.