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Get Peace Of Mind With A Home Repair Plan From HomeServe USA

Veolia North America cares about your well-being, and that’s why we’ve partnered with HomeServe USA to offer affordable protection against unexpected and costly repairs to your home’s plumbing, electrical, heating or cooling systems. For only pennies a day, you can purchase repair coverage from one of their licensed and insured technicians, with absolutely no deductibles!
Exterior Water Service Line
As your home gets older, so does the exterior water service line that brings fresh water to your house. Leaks and breaks are usually caused by aging of the pipe, corrosion, extreme temperatures, settling or shifting of the ground. If your water serviceline fails, repair or replacement can be expensive, and most basic homeowners insurance doesn’t cover repairs to the line on your property. There’s no way to prevent a water service line emergency, but you can be prepared with an affordable Exterior Water Service Line Repair Plan.
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Sewer pipes in a dug up trench
Exterior Sewer/Septic Line
The buried sewer/septic line on your property that carries waste away from your home can age, crack or leak due to simple wear and tear, tree roots or shifting ground. This line can also become blocked, causing waste water to back up into your home.
Interior Plumbing & Drainage
Your home has a complex plumbing system where leaks and cracks can go undetected. Pipes and drains can get blocked, clogs can occur from grease and other materials, and plumbing fixtures can corrode and become brittle with age. In an emergency, you need qualified plumbing help fast, before damage occurs. With an Interior Plumbing and Drainage Repair Plan, you can keep your pipes drained, not your bank account
Plumber working under a sink
Water Heater
You depend on hot water for showering, washing and doing laundry. Problems with your water heater can be a major inconvenience, and finding a qualified professional can be time-consuming and costly. As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to pay for repairs to your water heater. Stay in hot water with a Water Heater Repair Plan and get protection from the high cost of repair
Cooling System
Air conditioning keeps your home comfortable and free of humidity. As a homeowner, you are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the complicated parts that keep your central air conditioning functioning properly. Don’t sweat high repair costs. Get a Cooling System Repair Plan.
Two men working on an electric panel
tool being user to measure electric current
Heating System
If your heating system fails unexpectedly, you could face long, cold winter days and nights trying to get a qualified technician to repair and maintain the complicated parts text is different in web that keep your heat functioning. Don’t get left out in the cold. Get a Heating System Repair Plan, a solution you’ll warm up to.
Interior Gas Line
Problems with natural gas lines can occur due to aging or deteriorating pipes, valves or fittings, which can result in a gas leak. Protect against the expense of emergency repairs with an Interior Gas Line Repair Plan.Note: If you suspect that you have a broken cracked or leaking gas pipe, call your gas company immediately!
Plumber working under sink
A workman fixing some wires with a tool
Interior Electrical Wiring
Old or faulty wiring can cause electrical outlets, sockets and fittings, breaker panels and fuse boxes to fail. These emergency repairs can be costly and are not typically covered by basic homeowners insurance policies. Lighten your share of expensive repair costs with an Interior Electrical Wiring Repair Plan.
Exterior Electrical Wiring
Your home’s exterior electrical wiring includes complicated parts like attachment wiring, the outside meter box and the wiring from the meter box to the electrical panel. Finding qualified help for emergency repairs can be time-consuming and expensive. Stay grounded with a reliable Exterior Electrical Wiring Repair Plan.
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