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The Past & Future of New York’s Water

About 300,000 people throughout Rockland County and a portion of Orange County depend upon Veolia for clean, safe water. The company was originally formed in 1893. In Rockland County 70% of the company’s water supplies come from 60 groundwater wells while the remaining 30% comes from surface water sources, including the Lake DeForest Reservoir. The company manages over 1,000 miles of water mains, more than 6,300 fire hydrants and, on average, delivers 28.5 million gallons of water a day for use by households, businesses and firefighting. In Orange County, water sources include three reservoirs and one well. The company delivers on average, 193,000 gallons of water a day for use by households, businesses and firefighting.

The Leadership Team for Veolia Water in New York

With unparalleled industry expertise and total dedication to cost-effective, environmentally sound service, Veolia provides proven experience and industry leadership to the customers and communities we serve. Beyond operational expertise, our management team is built upon demonstrated success in performance and change management, financial planning, capital planning and asset management.

  • Chris Graziano, General Manager
  • Craig O'Connell, Senior Director, Operations
  • Michael Joosten, Director, Operations
  • Robert Idoni, Manager, Asset and Workforce Management
  • Gerard Moreno, Director, Engineering
  • Flakë Gjonbajaj-Connors, Director, Water Quality
  • Bill Madden, Director, Communications and Government Affairs
  • Sophia Salis, Manager, Communications and Community Relations 
  • George Graham, Director, Finance
  • Alise Seguinot, Director, Customer Service and Metering
  • Shari Gold, Manager, Conservation Programs