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The Past & Future of Idaho's Water

We were founded in 1890, the same year Idaho was granted statehood. For more than a century, we've been growing with our expanding community.

The first water system in Boise ran from Hulls Gulch, down Eighth Street, to the Eastman Hotel. It consisted of two artesian wells, two and one half miles of water mains, and one reservoir. In 1890, Boise’s population was approximately 2,300 people.

Today we operate 81 wells, 35 reservoirs, two treatment plants, and 1,241 miles of water mains, to serve a population of more than 240,000 people.

Artesian Water merged with Boise Waterworks in 1891 to form the Artesian Hot and Cold Water Company. The company used thermal water from hot springs to heat downtown buildings, including the historic Natatorium.

In 1913, with the advent of regulation by the Idaho Public Utilities Commission, the hot and cold water divisions of the company were separated. Boise Water provided drinking water while its sister company, Natatorium Water, supplied hot water.

The Boise Water Company was officially incorporated in 1928 and was acquired 18 years later by General Waterworks Corporation. In 1994, General Waterworks Corporation merged with United Water which is now one of the largest water services company in the nation. The following year, Boise Water changed its name to United Water Idaho to reflect its relationship with its parent company.

Today, we are part of the global umbrella of companies within Veolia, the second largest environmental services company in the world.

We are proud to have played an important role in the growth and development of our community for more than a century.

And we look forward to providing you with the highest quality water and service for another 100 years.

The Leadership Team for Veolia in Idaho

With unparalleled industry expertise and total dedication to cost-effective, environmentally sound service, Veolia provides proven experience and industry leadership to the customers and communities we serve. Beyond operational expertise, our management team is built upon demonstrated success in performance and change management, financial planning, capital planning and asset management.

  • David Johns, Assistant General Manager
  • Jarmila Cary, Director of Finance & Customer Service
  • Cathy Cooper, Director of Engineering
  • Seth Goertz, Manager, Operations
  • Sarkies Garabedian, Manager, Environment, Health & Safety
  • Jane Kreller, Capital Project and Consumer Engagement Manager
  • Shane Lim, GIS Manager
  • Jeff Lough, Transmission & Distribution Manager
  • Tim Parker, Production Manager
  • Justy Thomas, SHRM-SCP, Human Resources Business Partner
  • Madeline Wyatt, Communications & Community Relations Manager