Technology & Innovation

A Constant Stream of Innovation

Bold new ideas are needed to meet the global resource challenges of today and tomorrow. That’s why we take innovation seriously—boasting the industry’s largest water R&D budget, as well as an extensive network of collaborative partners. We bring world-class expertise to each and every local project, helping to conserve resources, protect our environment, and offer greater value to customers.

Innovation in Action

Delaware: DensaDeg High-Rate Clarifier Technology

This technology enhances drinking water quality, reduces facility expansion needs, and preserves surrounding wetlands.

New York: AquaDAF Filtration

AquaDAF improves the taste, odor, and clarity of drinking water while safely increasing plant efficiency.

San Antonio: Crystal Ultrafiltration

This absolute barrier against unwanted particles in drinking water requires less chlorine and minimal facility expansion.

New York: Smart Meters

Smart meters encourage consumers to conserve water, help identify leaks, and increase Veolia North America’s operational efficiency.

New Jersey: AquaDAF Water Treatment Plant

Serving 800,000 customers daily, our Haworth, New Jersey facility has been a technological leader for over 40 years.

Award Highlights

  • Energy Efficiency Forum Innovative Energy Management Award
  • U.S Environmental Protection Agency Excellence Award
  • Top 10% of Water Systems Recognition
  • NACWA Peak Performance Platinum and Gold Awards