Outdoor Water Use

Efficient watering practices can help you conserve water, maintain healthy landscapes and save money on your water bill.  Based on a survey of our New York customers almost two thirds choose not to water their lawn. For those who do, here are some tips that will help you save:

  • Established lawns need about one inch of rain and irrigation per week.
  • Frequent light watering promotes shallow root systems, while deep watering (soil moist to six or eight inches) encourages deep root systems, healthier plants and less water usage.
  • Overwatering doesn’t help your lawn and can encourage the development of diseases. 
  • Replace turf grass and landscape plants with native or drought-tolerant plants that require less water.  
  • Check out more tips from Veolia for saving water outdoors (and indoors) here.  

WaterSense logoWant to dig deeper?  Check out the links below from our EPA WaterSense Partner:

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Sprinkler Spruce Up

Landscaping Tips



For additional information see these local links: 

Having a beautiful landscape doesn't have to mean using a lot of water.  Find out how with these tips.

Conservation Gardens:  Also known as xeriscape landscaping, this can replace turf grasses with low-water-use grasses, wildflowers and both native and drought tolerant plants.

Water Wise Lawns:  Learn helpful lawn management tips from experts in your local area.  By following some simple steps, you can have a water-smart landscape that's beautiful, healthy, and easy to maintain.