Jersey City - Notice of Transition to Monthly Billing

Nov 21, 2022
Jersey City - Notice of Transition to Monthly Billing
Attention Jersey City Ratepayers:
Beginning in January 2023, the Jersey City Municipal Utilities Authority (JCMUA) and Veolia will transition customers who are currently billed on a quarterly basis to monthly billing.
Monthly billing helps customers more efficiently manage household finances and budgets. It also provides customers with more frequent and timely information about their water and sewer usage. Additionally, monthly billing will allow for quicker detection of water leaks, which can result in direct cost savings for JCMUA customers.
Leading up to the January 2023 changeover to monthly billing, all of our Jersey City customers will receive regular updates and communications in the  form of bill messages, website/social media updates and other alerts.
JCMUA and Veolia are committed to making this transition to monthly billing as seamless as possible for Jersey City customers. Upon receipt of their bill, customers will now have 20 days to submit their payment. Any customers using direct debit or any other form of recurring online payment, please be advised that billing will now occur on a monthly basis.
The transition to monthly billing will begin in January 2023 and will be completed by Spring 2023.
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